Gina Carano Wants Cyborg To Know She’s Not The Only One Choking Out Reporters

gina-carano-wants-cyborg-to-know-shes-not-the-only-one-choking-out-reportersTotal Pro Sports – The war is on.  First we showed you footage of Cris “Cyborg” Santos Choking out MMA Worldwide reporter Aaron Tru.  Now Gina Carano wants “Cyborg” to know she is capable of doing the same.

During an appearance on “Sports Science,” Gina shows off some moves before putting host John Brenkus in a rear-naked choke (4:oo mark of the clip).  It isn’t long before John is out cold, sleeping in Gina’s lap.  It’s almost as if she is caressing him like a child.  Kind of makes me want to get choked out by her too.  Seems like she makes a good pillow.

Besides picking on John, Gina also showed off some of her power on a dummy, which was used to calculate the force of her strikes.  It was quite impressive, and if you hadn’t already learned from Stefanie Guimarea, then this clip should surely make you understand why fighting a girl isn’t exactly a sure bet for a male.

“In eight seconds, Gina could – breaks your ribs, give you a concusion, shatter your nose, rupture your spleen, cause internal bleeding and put you down for the count.” [Cagewriter]

I wonder if the “Cyborg” is made to survive such damage.  We’ll find out when they square off August 15th.

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