Josh Womack Has A Cool Bat Trick Up His Sleeve

josh-womack-has-a-cool-bat-trick-up-his-sleeveTotal Pro Sports –  This is a cool clip of Long Beach Armada outfielder Josh Womack performing a little trick he likes to do with his bat (no dirty thought provoking intended).

There really isn’t much to say about it.  He takes his bat, gives a couple of warm-up swings, then as he performs his trick, he swings the bat forward, like a regular swing, but as he reaches the midway point he gives the bat a full flip.  It is tough to explain but that’s what videos are for.

Not only is this another cool amateur YouTube video of some sports tricks, but it also involved some flipping, much like the previous ones we had to offer.  Yesterday we had footage of an eighth grader performing a full-court basketball flip-shot, and last week we found a clip of a group of guys flipping out while performing some crazy basketball moves.

Let the debate begin.  Which clip should be be flipping out over the most?

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