Baseball Fan Catches Foul Ball With A Pizza Box


Total Pro Sports – Foul balls can be a dangerous thing for fans at baseball games.  One girl almost found that out first-hand, but was luckily saved by her boyfriend and his quick reflexes.  Oh, and lets not forget about his skills with the pizza box.

Unprepared to make any plays on incoming balls, this guy left his baseball glove at home, but thankfully he didn’t even need it.  When the foul ball flew in his direction, he used the pizza box to snatch it out of the air before it reached his girl’s head.

We’ve seen Philly ball girls make great grabs, and even a police officer at the Yankees game showed off his hands, but never has someone pulled off the pizza box grab.  I wonder if he tried returning it for a new pizza.

Imagine that.  “Excuse me sir.  You tried to sell me a pizza with a baseball on it.”

(Oh, and we should probably mention that the box may not have been a pizza box.  Do Japanese baseball games even sell pizza?)

Hat Tip Video – [Busted Coverage]