Japanese Samurai Slices Pitched Baseball In Half


Total Pro Sports – Throughout the past decade or so, MLB scouts have gone across the Pacific Ocean to find the next big Japanese baseball star. We’ve seen them bring back some great talent like Ichiro Suzuki and Hideki Matsui, but they may want to begin looking off the field in the future. May I suggest a Samurai dojo?

On a Japanese TV show, this samurai warrior was invited to showcase his talent with a sword. As Baseballs were shot at him from a pitching machine, his challenge was to draw his sword and slice them in half. He made contact on the first pitch, but the second he successfully chopped into pieces.

Should a manager get any ideas form this, batting practice may get a whole lot more interesting.

We saw Josh Womack pull off a batting trick of his own, but this performance may actually translate into successful hitting. Some MLB teams may want to consider signing the Samurai up. Maybe they can get him in a package deal with the man who made the pizza box catch. Now there is something to build your franchise around.

Hat Tip Video – [Sports Rubbish]