Joanna Krupa May Actually Be A Bigger Bitch Than Terrell Owens

the-superstarsTotal Pro Sports – Last night was the premiere of ABC’s new reality television show/competition “Superstars.”  The good news was that it kicked off right away with the feud between Buffalo Bills wideout Terrell Owens and supermodel Joanna Krupa, which we published earlier this month.  The bad news is that the two prima donna stars were the first to be kicked off the show, leaving us to wonder where our weekly dose of drama will come from now.

Krupa continuously ripped T.O. throughout the show.  The best parts were perhaps the kayak competition, where Owens fell into the water several times tipping the kayak, and the epic blowup in the final competition.  During the first round of the obstacle course, T.O. got his leg caught in a net for a lengthy period, resulting in his teams loss.  That was when Joanna really lost it.

The two would get another go at the course, but this time it was Krupa who faltered.  That didn’t stop her from continuing to jab at Owens.  So what did the man who is usually on the delivering end of criticism have to say about receiving it?

“I feel sorry for your boyfriend.”

Is she wasn’t so hot, I would agree Terrell.