Paris Hilton Says Cristiano Ronaldo Is A “Sissy”

cristiano-ronaldo-sissyTotal Pro Sports – There is only one thing that could damage a guy’s manhood more than a public male rub-down.  Having Paris Hilton call you a “sissy.”  Welcome to the world of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The original story coming from the mouth of the Portuguese soccer superstar was that with the two being so far apart, it just made sense that they would not remain together.  This all developed after they were seen tongue wrestling at a Hollywood nightclub.  They then went back to Paris’ sister, Nikki’s, place for the night and got to know each other a little better.  Ronaldo left at 5am, but the two would reacquaint less than 24 hours later.  A recent transaction has Cristiano playing in Madrid, while the wealthy hotel heiress spends most of her days in Hollywood.

Now it is starting to look like that was not the only reason for their halted relationship.

Paris told her side of the story, and a source close to the celebrity had the following to say:

“She likes her guys to be macho – and as far as she’s concerned Ronaldo turned out to be a real sissy.

“She likes her men rugged, it’s as simple as that. She thought her friends would laugh at her if she dated a guy who walks around with flowers in her hair.”

“He was just too uptight for her to find attractive. In the end, Paris realized their relationship simply wasn’t clicking. Paris got to know him and realized he’s not nearly hot enough.” [Yahoo]

It is not out of the blue to have someone call a soccer player a sissy, but that is usually the result of on-field dives and faking injuries.  It almost seems as though the opposite is said of their off-field action with the opposite sex.  So now Ronaldo has some explaining to do.

This isn’t the first time a woman has made such remarks about Ronaldo, and we have been questioning his manhood since he gave his teammate an awkward crotch-gaze.  Now the fire will only grow larger.  As for the “flowers in hair” comment, we are still trying to figure that one out.