“Wet Balls” Thankfully Not An Issue At College World Series Game 2

wet-balls-thankfully-not-an-issue-at-college-world-series-game-2Total Pro Sports – In case you missed it, game one of the College World Series between the LSU Tigers and the Texas Longhorns was delayed at times because the umpire had a sweating sack.  Yes, you heard correctly.  And anyone who has had a sweating sack knows that can translate into wet balls.  Those “wet balls” were an issue throughout the game and we have the footage to prove it.

Now allow me to clarify.  The sack we are talking about is the umpires ball sack that he wears around his waist to hold the extra BASEBALLS.  I figured such an explanation would be needed.  We don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here.

Throughout game one, the commentators repeatedly analyzed the “wet balls” to the point that a hilarious compilation was created of all the comments, but the first one comes from an on-the-field mic that catches someone yelling “he’s got a wet sack.”  You have to love those mic’d up sound bites.

On field mics always seem to catch the good stuff.  Just ask Mike Winters.  Even hockey has heard its fair share of expletives reach millions of televisions.

LSU won game one 7-6, as they were better prepared to deal with the sweaty balls and wet sacks.  Texas was able to equalize last night in game two, 5-1.  Expect game three to be played with dry balls tonight as a champion will be crowned and I’m pretty sure no one would want it to be determined by the uncontrollable perspiration of an umpire.

Here is the “Wet Balls” compilation.

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