Michael Llorda Injury Forces Tommy Haas To Play Against The Ball Boy

michael-llorda-injury-forces-tommy-haas-to-play-against-the-ball-boyTotal Pro Sports – Tommy Haas likely won himself a great deal of fans yesterday after his match against Michael Llorda at Wimbledon.  Looking to at least break a sweat, the German tennis player was in search of another opponent after Llorda was forced to retire, and found one.  A lucky young ball boy.

Llorda was injured early in the first set when he went to chase a ball and crashed into the umpires chair.  He also knocked over a ball girl in the process, and both were slow to get up.  The Frenchman would manage to get to his feet and helped the ball girl up as well before giving her a hug.  Unfortunately he would not last much longer, retiring after the next point because of an injury he sustained during the fall.

Haas was determined to put on a show for the deprived crowed, so he found another opponent.  The young ball boy would rally with Haas for a bit, and Tommy gave a few other ball boys and girls a shot at him as well before leaving the court to a standing ovation.  Now we will wait to see if any sign of fatigue settles in as a result of those extra couple rallies (turn your sarcasm detectors on here).

Thumbs up for the great display of class shown by Tommy Haas.  Here are videos of Llorda’s crash and Haas playing with the ball boys and girls.

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