Chad Ocho Cinco: Death Of MJ And Fawcett As Sad As 9/11

chad-ocho-cinco1Total Pro Sports – Many would be quick to tab Shaq as the North American sporting world’s most renowned Twitterer, but Chad Ocho Cinco has been quickly making a case of his own.  But while Shaq offers readers some interesting comments and challenges, Chad Eighty Five has mostly delivered stupidity.  Luckily we all love reading someone’s stupid comments sometimes.

A few days ago The Score Blog caught him instigating a Twitter fight with Shawn Merriman.  That pretty much ended after a video threat from the Chargers linebacker.

Now Ocho Cinco is comparing yesterday’s tragic deaths to 9/11.  Now we can’t take such a comment seriously, as it is over Twitter, and Chad did say it (what else would we expect), but if he was loking for a way for himself to get into some hot water, he found it.  His initial comment was:

Okay, first Mrs. Fawcett now Mr. Jackson, please tell me that this is a mistaken rumor, if not this is just as sad as 9/11

The 9/11 was a bit over the top, i am just in an emotional state right now, bare with me while i regroup people, be back in 10 minutes,

okay not as bad as 911, its sad period, both situations my goodness people, they just said he is okay in the hospital,

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