Tigers Fan Falls From Hockeytown’s Roof

tigers-fan-falls-from-hockeytowns-roofTotal Pro Sports – Those who have gone to see a Detroit Red Wings, Lions, or Tigers game are surely familiar with the Hockeytown Bar located just across from Comerica Park.  It is a hot spot for those looking to grab a beer before or after the game, but to one man, it was almost a cemetery.

Yesterday there was a scary scene outside the bar when one man fell off the rooftop patio of the bar and onto the sidewalk below.  A witness described what he saw:

I cant make this Sh*t up…..Heading to tonights Whitesnake Concert in Bay City, MI me and a buddy (Cardinals fan and a Reds Fan) stopped to catch the Cubs vs. Tigers game at Comerica yesterday hoping for a sweep (we got it!) and this dude fell off the roof top balcony (3 stories up) before the game. Believe it or not during this malaye the dude was laying on the sidewalk and pulled his phone from his pocket and started to text someone. Not sure if there were any Cub fans involved and were letting out 100 years of losing frustration……

This is my pic from the roof top moments after it happened. Hopefully this guy is alright and only ended up with a mere flesh wound. The Local 4 news in Detroit said this guy only suffered from facial injuries.

If this guy didnt die then to quote Pulp Fiction…..Jules – “We just witnessed a miracle, and I want you to fucking acknowledge it!”

keep up the good work

Thankfully no incidents of such were reported after game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Check out the video here.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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