Top 5 Storylines Of Tonight’s NHL Draft

2009-nhl-draftTotal Pro Sports – One day after the NBA Draft, we are right back at it with the first round of the NHL draft set for tonight.  There are several storylines to follow.  Many teams are looking to trade away players while others are eager to move up, or down, in the Draft in order to get the prospects they covet.

With so much going on, here is a breakdown of the top 5 question that may/will be answered over the next couple of days in Montreal.

5.  Will the Leafs, or anyone else, move up into a top three spot?

John Tavares, Victor Hedman and Matt Duchene are all players who rebuilding teams, like the Leafs, would love to use as the foundation for their team in the future.  Are they worth the high asking prices that the New York Islanders, Tampa Bay Lightning or Colorado Avalanche are likely to set for a top three pick?  We’ll see what the answer is early in tonight’s draft.

4.  Where will Jonas “The Monster” Gustavsson end up?

He is the most sought after player not in the NHL, or the Draft this year.  Jonas Gustavsson is a 24-year-old Swedish goalie who is looking to make his mark in the NHL next season.  His agent ahs said he will likely make a decision by Sunday or Monday, prior to the beginning of the free-agency period beginning on Wednesday.  The most probable suiters are Toronto, Dallas, Colorado and San Jose.

3.  Will the Chris Pronger Trade actually happen?

It was reported on the same day as game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals that Chris Pronger had been traded by the Anaheim Ducks to the Los Angeles Kings for Jack Johnson and the Kings first round pick (fifth overall).  This would be a huge trade if it goes through, but will it?

2.  What other movement will we see on Draft Weekend?

Several names are floating around the rumor mill.  Many teams are said to be interested in the Maple Leafs Tomas Kaberle (sources have said the Bruins offered kessel for him and the Leafs first rounf pick).  Jay Bouwmeester’sDany Heatley rights are up for sale to the highest bidder.  is still looking to get out of Ottawa, and ther eare many other players also on the market if a good deal can be worked out.  Some of those include Ryan Clowe, Patrick Marleau, Vincent Lecavalier and David Krejci.

1.  Who’s Number 1?

That is the biggest question of them all.  It seemed as though it was only a two horse race, but recent reports have the Islanders very interested in Matt Duchene.  now the question is ow high on him are they?  Can they pass on the likes of a John Tavares or a Victor Hedman for the Brampton Battalion star?  That question will likely be the first to be answered.

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