Hot Bikini Babes The Only thing That Can Stop Thiago Alves And Georges St-Pierre

hot-bikini-babes-the-only-thing-that-can-stop-thiago-alves-and-georges-st-pierreTotal Pro Sports – UFC 100, which is slated for July 11th, is not far away, but Georges St-Pierre and Thiago Alves seemingly can’t wait that long.  The two were at Rehab in Las Vegas recently and the only thing stopping them from getting at it before their big fight a couple of weeks from now was a few hot women in bikinis.

OK.  So it was all staged, and there is actually little, if any, animosity between the two fighters, but why not take advantage of any excuse to have some gorgeous babes with beautiful breasts clutching and grabbing at you.  St-Pierre and Alves did just that at a photo shoot to help promote what most are calling the greatest card the UFC has ever put together.

The St-Pierre vs. Alves fight for the UFC welterweight championship is just one of three major fights on the card, but it may very well be the most exciting.  The champ, St-Pierre, has been labeled by some as the best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA, but Alves will look to change that with his devastating knock-out power.  Don’t be surprised to see fireworks throughout this card, and maybe even some KOs that will challenge the likes of Nick Pace’s flying knee or Yahir Reyes’ spinning backfist for “Knockout of the Year.”

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