Josh Womack Is Back With Some More Bat Tricks

josh-womack-is-back-with-some-more-bat-tricksTotal Pro Sports – Last time we saw Josh Womack, he was showing off his bat-flip trick.  This time he has added a few more moves to his show and they are even more impressive than his first.

This video was recorded in Edmonton prior to a game between the home town Capitals and Josh’s Long Beach Armadas.  Camera crews stuck around to catch the former second-round pick of the Seattle Mariners in action.

Some had previously doubted whether Josh’s bat tricks were real, but this video should answer any remaining questions.  Now the only thing we’re left to wonder is whether his skills when he steps into the batter’s box can be as good as his skills when he steps outside of it.  He may be able to flip a bat through his legs and balance it on his foot, but can he hit a home run with a broken bat?

Nothing should be taken away from Womack, however, as he continues to entertain us with his creativity.  It takes some strong wrists to be able to pull off those moves.  I guess watching enough Simona Halep matches will do that.

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