Pirates Fans Are Really Interested In Ian Snell’s Penis Size

pirates-fans-are-really-interested-in-ian-snells-penis-sizeTotal Pro Sports – After fifteen stars thus far this season Ian Snell has posted a 2-8 record, and ERA of 5.36, and a total of 52 strikeouts.  Disappointing numbers for the 27-year-old member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, but rather than wonder what is wrong with Snell, who has since been sent to Triple-A, the question on the minds of some Pirates fans is “just how big is his penis?”

You have to love live call-in sports shows for just that reason.  The listener calls in and the buildup towards his final question makes it seem as though something serious is on the verge.  Then Mike Leechburg drops a bomb on the older men.  As you may have guess, they chose not to answer.  We aren’t sure though if it is because of their disapproval with it or if they really couldn’t give an accurate measurement.

With that being said, I still am left with a question of my own.  What else do they expect Pittsburgh sports fans to talk about at this point in the year?

Hat Tip Video – [The Score Blog]

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