Red Sox Fan No Match For Braves Security

red-sox-fan-no-match-for-braves-securityTotal Pro Sports – There wasn’t much action during yesterday’s game  between the Boston Red Sox an the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field yesterday, even when the streaker entered the ball game.

We have become accustomed to the typical streaker’s ability to dodge security for a least a brief period of time.  Both the Citi Field streaker and Jimmy Jump were able to make the uniformed men somewhat break a sweat.  Unfortunately the same can not be said for this Sox fan, and it should come as no surprise after seeing his physique as he was escorted out.

The seemingly out-of-shape man made his way onto the field, and at the first sight of security, he looked to make a couple of moves, but as expected they did not take him very far.  One security guard went low, the other went high, and down went the streaker.  And for the big conclusion, the fans were treated to the horror show that was his large, unshapely pale belly.  It wouldn’t be shocking to hear that such an image led to the resurfacing of some ballpark dogs.

Hat Tip Video – [Red Sox Monster]

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