Anna Kournikova Gets Into A Las Vegas Catfight

anna-kournikova1Total Pro Sports – We aren’t sure if there was the usual tennis player grunting we have all become accustomed to, but a catfight which involved Anna Kournikova at a Las Vegas bar sure did have the expected clawing and scratching.

Reports are indicating that former tennis (star?) hottie was involved in an altercation at Lavo where her and her crew were partying following their visit to the Hardbat Classic table tennis tournament.  A woman in attendance at the club felt that Anna was invading her space and dealt with it the way you’d expect any catty bitch to.  By throwing her drink at the space invader.  Anna did not take kindly to the jesture and “sprung into action,” getting in the woman’s face while screaming and shoving her.

Sources from the New York Post state that a big fight ensued and the woman was eventually kicked out of the club, but not before giving her best Wolverine impression of Kournikova’s face.

Now we sit and wait for those pics to come out.  Should Anna’s face have suffered any serious damage, then we can all expect her post-tennis career to suffer much like her tennis playing career did.

Who ever won that date with her hopefully already enjoyed it, else that could be a shame.

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