Brewers Jeff Supan For Sale On eBay

jeff-suppan-ebay1Total Pro Sports -Is your team in need of a pitcher?  Then you may want to check out one of the newest items on sale at eBay.  None other than Jeff Supan, starting pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Seems like a 5-6 record and a 4.86 ERA isn’t enough to get Brewers fans to forget his miserable three innings against the Los Angeles Dodgers last year in game four of the NLDS.  Now they are willing to give him up with the starting bid set at one cent.  That’s quite the bargain when you consider Barry Zito is making roughly $18 million a year.

The Supan sale has since been taken off eBay which is sad for those who were looking to grab the righty for a great price.  Those who missed out on snatching Brett Favre’s F-150 or Tiger Woods‘ Gatorade bottle could have eased their pain with this great bargain.  Now they will just have to wait for the next eBay athlete to go on sale.

Hat Tip – [Home Run Derby]

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