This Indian Man Can Sure Kick High

wushu-high-kickTotal Pro Sports – Today in sports that you likely never knew were sports we travel to India for the high-kick contest.  Is it just me or does this look like something that we may be seeing in NFL combine sometime in the near future.

The name of the sport in India is Wushu and the national champion is Rohan Singh Thakur, who managed to kick the ball at a height of 9 feet 5 inches (3 meters).  That is an impressive accomplishment when you consider an NBA basketball rim to be 10 feet off the ground.

With that being said, Rohan may want to consider attempting to dunk with his feet like these guys.  His skill may even be useful for Yankee Stadium fights, or on the soccer pitch.  Who need to use their head when they can just kick the ball that high in the air.

Hat Tip Video – [The Score Blog]

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