Masked Mexican Mini-Wrestlers Murder By Prostitutes

mexican-luchadorsTotal Pro Sports – In our “are you kidding me, this really happened?” story of the day, we have a tale of two Mexican Lucha Mini stars who were murdered by a couple of prostitutes.

The two men were 35-year-old twin brothers Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez and the story goes as follows.  Following a show on Sunday night in Mexico City the two were checking into a hotel when they were approached by a couple of prostitutes.  They went to the room but hours later only the women left the hotel.  When hotel staff noticed the wrestlers did not leave with the women, they went to go check the room only to find Alberto and Alejandro lying dead on the bed.

The two luchadores, know as La Parkita and El Espectrito Jr., were drugged by the prostitutes and robbed.  The women are suspected to be part of Las Goteras, a gang of Mexican whores that are known for performing these acts.  Although they do not usually kill clients, the brothers’ overdose was fatal likely due to their small size.  Police are currently investigating the matter and have found some fingerprints which may become useful evidence.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been much good news in the world of wrestling today.  Like Mitsuharu Misawa, who died in the ring just a few weeks ago, these two also died doing what they loved.  At least for now we will assume that the brothers enjoyed banging prostitutes together.

Hat Tip – [Perez Hilton]

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