Swarm Of Bees Attack Petco Park, Delay Game

Astros Padres BaseballTotal Pro Sports – Manny Ramirez is returning today and he may have more to worry about than the taunting fans and insulting signs on display in left field of San Diego’s Petco Park.  That section of the park has now become infested with a giant swarm of bees.  What better way to welcome back a cheater.

During yesterday afternoons game between the Padres and the Houston Astros, the top of the ninth inning was interupted by a large number of bees.  Umpires put a halt to the game, sent the players off the field, and a bee keeper was called to the stadium to take care of the Padres new buzzing friends.  After performing a little dance, he went to work, spraying some sort of  bug killer, which appeared to be quite effective judging by the large number of dead bees he was seen scooping up off the floor (video after the jump).

After he was finished taking care of the problem, the bee keeper left to a standing ovation and the game resumed.  Everything seemed to work out well but don’t be surprised if the Padres have PETA lining up on their front steps today to protest.  They will likely find themselves along side the Manny protesters.

I guess baseball doesn’t settle for bee mascots attacking players, like in soccer, so they go for the real thing.  Just too bad they were a day early.

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