White Sox Parking Lot Drunk Tank Even More Fun To Watch Than The Game!

white-sox-parking-lot-drunk-tank-even-more-fun-to-watch-than-the-gameTotal Pro Sports – Everyone loves a drunken fan.  You can usually find them running onto the field, throwing some fists in a fight, feeding men hotdogs out of their breasts, stripping, or performing sexual acts with friends.  These incidents all happen within the stands, but what happens afterward when the drunken culprits are taken off to the drunk tank?

Here is one man who suffered such a misfortune following a few too many drinks at a Chicago White Sox game.  He doesn’t seem to think he belongs in the drunk tank, but his foul mouth and pants around his knees tell a whole different story.  His kids must be so proud of him.

Hat Tip Video – [Busted Coverage]

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