Brazilian Legend Falcão Scores Unreal Indoor Soccer Goal

Brazilian Legend Falcão Scores Unreal Indoor Soccer GoalTotal Pro Sports – He is considered to be the world’s best futsal player and after watching this remarkable goal, that should come as no surprise.

Alessandro Rosa Vieira, also known as Falcão, was at the Grand Prix de Futsal, one of the largest annual indoor football tournaments.  Representing his home country Brazil, he carried the ball in from center on a break-a-way, took it towards the goalie, and just at the last second, flips it over the charging keeper and heads it into a wide open net.  Sounds crazy?  That’s why you have to see it to believe it.

Brazil went on to win this match 12-0 against Romania.  No surprise there either.  Unfortunately for the Romanian keeper, he was unable to avoid further embarrassment with this goal.  Getting deeked out of his pants as he did, he must have felt a little like Gennaro Gattuso during this not-so-bright moment.

Soccer has produced some great highlight reel goals to this point in 2009, like Luis Ángel Landín’s scorpion goal, or this ball juggling along the line during an Asian soccer match.  Many have stated this to be one of futsal’s greatest goals ever, and we here at TPS are also giving it the title as this year’s greatest soccer goal.  With another six months left we can only hope someone possesses the skills to top Falcão’s masterpiece.

Hat tip Video – [TheSpoiler]

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