Columbian Soccer Player Shoots Heckling Fan

javier-florezTotal Pro Sports – The next time you go to a sporting event and decide it may be fun to heckle some of the players, you may want to reconsider.  Israel Castillo sure wishes he had.  Unfortunately, now he is dead.

Javier Florez, a midfielder for Barranquilla’s Atletico Junior Team in Columbia, shot Castillo with a handgun after being called a “maleta” by the 27-year-old electrician.  The term is used in Columbia to describe a “lousy” player.  When taking such into consideration, Florez’s retaliation does seem a bit harsh.  Even Alex Rios was able to refrain from taking such extreme measures towards his highly critical fans.

The incident occurred following the Atletico Junior’s loss in the Apertura Championship.  Florez ran from the scene after the shooting, but later turned himself into police.  Apparently South American soccer players can be just as violent as their fans.

[The Guardian]

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