Jeter vs. A-Rod, Round ???: We’ll Give This One To Jeter

alex-rodriguez-national-anthem1Total Pro Sports – The feud between Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez, whether it still exists or not, is seemingly one that A-Rod just can’t win.  You don’t see Jeter getting caught using steroids or taking part in nightclub threesomes, and the ladies have taken note.  Well at least the very young ones have.

During a rain delay, YES, the station that televises most Yankee games, had time to show viewers a replay of the national anthem prior to the game, which had the Yankee players accompanied by a girls softball team.  Yes, we understand these girls are very young and we are not implying any sexual relationship between them and the players, but just take a look at the photos and decide for yourself who got shafted here.


The Somewhat Lucky Jeter

The Somewhat Unlucky Rodriguez

The Somewhat Unlucky Rodriguez

Hat Tip – [Fack Youk]

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