Swedish Female Soccer Fans Just As Intense As The Males

hammarby-and-trelleborg-of-the-swedish-leagueTotal Pro Sports – Everyone loves a streaker.  Whether they are showing off an over-sized belly, harassing Roger Federer and Lionel Messi, or just getting plain naked, they always seem to put on a show.  This Swedish female did just that as she showed us all it isn’t only the males who can show support for the home team.

During a soccer match between Hammarby and Trelleborg of the Swedish league, play was interrupted when a woman came onto the field and voiced her displeasure with an opposing player following a skirmish between the two teams.  She performs a funny dance in front of one player before another member of the team kindly escorts her off the field.

It is clear she may have had one too many beers at the game.  Maybe she couldn’t get the attention of the men in the stands, like this woman, show she tried her luck on the field.  Don’t expect her presence to start a soccer riot anytime soon.

Hat Tip Video – [Sports Rubbish]