A Tribute To Michael Jackson, By Ron Artest? This Should Be Good

ron-artest-michael-jacksonTotal Pro Sports – Just when we thought Arland Bruce’s tribute to the late Michael Jackson could not be topped, we are once again proven wrong.

Ron Artest has recently made headlines with his move to the Lakers, and what better place to boost your singing career than Los Angeles.  For his first big hit, we have his tribute to MJ titled “Michael, Michael.”  Just don’t expect them to play this at his memorial today.

For a song that is supposed to honor a man who has just passed away, Artest sure does swear a lot.  There are also some odd comments (Michael Jackson is still living in Ron Artest?), but when all is said and done, we would suggest that Ron stick to basketball.  Who knows.  Maybe if things work out well for him in the new city, he may be able to get Lil’ Wayne to sing a song about him this time (rather than teammate Kobe Bryant).

I wonder how long it will be before Shaq is singing his tribute to MJ?  Guess he’s still working on songs about his own move to Cleveland.

Hat Tip Video – [SportsRubbish]

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