Fat Man Calls Serena Williams Overweight…F*cking Hypocrite!

jason-whitlockTotal Pro Sports – Jason Whitlock is a large man who is currently writing for FoxSports.com.  He has been praised with the National Journalism Award for Commentary for “his ability to seamlessly integrate sports and social commentary and to challenge widely held assumptions along the racial divide.”

Now he is seemingly challenging Serena Williams to turn her “oozing pumpkin” butt into a “stuffed onion” in his latest column, which we discovered thanks to Deadspin.  Maybe he should consider rolling his fat ass off the couch and doing the same.

In his article titles “Serena Could Be The Best Ever, But…”, Whitlock speaks about how we should view Serena Williams as an underachiever, how she has wasted her God-given talent because of laziness and a love for food, and how she is much like Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton?  Are you f*cking kidding me?

Whitlock states that “with a reduction in glut, a little less butt and a smidgen more guts, Serena Williams would easily be as big as Michael Jackson, dwarf Tiger Woods and take a run at Rosa Parks.”  He then goes on to say, “and all the people making excuses for Serena and rationalizing her failure to totally dominate women’s tennis are the very people uninterested in seeing women rise to a level of equality with men.”

Oh, where should I start.  Well lets begin with the fact that Serena should be given the opportunity to decide what she does with her body and her life.  She has won many tennis tournaments, built up her celebrity status, and taken on other business endeavors, all the while maintaining her place among tennis’ best.  She seems to be enjoying it and if not she can always just leave the game to do as she pleases.  After all, she has done it before.

So how does such a comment lead someone like Whitlock to believe that I would be “uninterested in seeing women rise to a level of equality with men?”  Perhaps Whitlock should reassess his notion equality between sexes.  Equality means having the right to decide for yourselves what it is you wish to do without feeling the social constraints that are often attributed as a result of gender roles.  What jobs you wish to perform, and receiving equal recognition when similar achievements are accomplished regardless of whether one is male or female is also part of creating such equality.

In this case, Serena should have the right to decide what it is she wishes to do with herself.  If she does not wish to break every tennis record in the books, then so be it.  That is her decision.  If she does not wish to be in tip-top shape and become the sex symbol that Whitlock wishes she was, then too bad for him.  Maybe her sister, Venus Williams, is more to his liking.

It is comments like the following, made by Whitlock, which continue to place women in a state of inferiority”

“She’d rather eat, half-ass her way through non-major tournaments and complain she’s not getting the respect her 11-major-championships résumé demands.  She complains about being ranked No. 2 in the world when she’s not bitching on Twitter or her blog about new rules that forbid Wimbledon players from eating in the locker room.  Seriously, how else can Serena fill out her size 16 shorts without grazing at her stall between matches?”

Serena wins matches, but for him, she is still just an over-sized women who should watch her eating.  Since when did it become about the looks and not about the game?  Oh, wait!  It is about the winning for Whitlock.  Well I guess someone should remind him that the fat, overweight, out-of-shape Serena Williams just finished winning Wimbledon, defeating her much slimmer sister in the finals even after enduring a long, demanding match against top-seeded Dinara Safina.

Near the end, Whitlock then speaks about Serena’s limitless opportunities to “break the glass ceiling for female athletes and become the transcendent superstar who connects globally.”  It is as if he wishes to say a woman of he current size can not do the same.  Well here is an idea Whitlock.  Why don’t you get your fat ass off the couch and say this to Serena’s face!

The woman just won Wimbledon, her 11th major title.  It is stupid commentaries like Whitlock’s that prevent her from receiving the accolades she truly deserves.

We here at TPS congratulate you Serena and think you look and play great no matter what size your shorts are.

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