Spectator Takes Anthony Kim’s Ball In The Ass (SFW)

spectator-takes-anthony-kims-ball-in-the-ass-sfwTotal Pro Sports – The 18th hole at the Congressional Country Club can be a dangerous one…to fans that is.  And to think that Charles Barkley was not even around for this one.

Okay.  So maybe it is not that dangerous.  Or better yet, perhaps any hole where a spectator decides that he is better off facing the opposite direction of the players is a dangerous one.  All that we can say for sure here is that this man will undoubtedly remember to keep his eye on the ball next time.

During the final round of the AT&T National, Anthony Kim lined up his final tee shot of the day, but when it drifted a little too far to the left, one fan, who for some reason was facing the opposite direction, took the ball square in his ass.

Kim may have delivered this shot, but it seemed as though he was taking much of the same (in the ass) throughout the day, after going into the final round tied for the lead with Tiger Woods, only to squander such an opportunity and finish in third.

It is hard to believe that Kim played so poorly on Sunday when he was showing such great displays of aim with the driver.  Let’s be serious here.  How many people do you know that can hit a man in the ass from that far away?  This hot girl may be able to give him a run for his money.  We should just be thankful that is was a golf ball to the ass, and not a softball to the face.

Hat Tip Video – [Extra Mustard]

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