Doors No Match For Brock Lesnar

doors-no-match-for-brock-lesnarTotal Pro Sports – With UFC 100 right around the corner, Frank Mir will have to hope he can hold up better than a wooden door against Brock Lesnar.  If not, it wont be long before the monstrous heavyweight champion takes him down.

During a clip from “Countdown to UFC 100” on Spike TV, Lesnar watched a clip of his last fight against Mir, and needless to say, he was not impressed with his opponent or referee Steve Mazzagatti.  Lesnar was especially pissed off while watching the replay with the manner in which Mazzagatti handled the end of the fight, watching for several seconds as Brock tapped out before finally stepping in.

So just how mad was Lesnar?  After watching enough, he ends the interview and storms out of the room, but not before giving the door a shot and knocking it to the ground.Is Mazzagatti is officiating the fight this coming Saturday, don’t be surprised if there is a double knockout.

As for his battle against Mir, it is very possible that we may witness fireworks in the co-main event.  While it would be tough to imaging a spinning backfist KO, an inverted triangle choke, or a flying knee KO from any of these two fighters, we should be in for an exciting fight.  No one is safe in this one.  Not even the octagon door.

Hat Tip Video – [Cage Potato]

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