In Memory Of Simona Halep’s Funbags, A Video Tribute To Boobs In Tennis

in-memory-of-simona-haleps-funbags-a-video-tribute-to-boobs-in-tennisTotal Pro Sports – We have all heard the story by now.  Simona Halep, a 17-year-old up-and-coming tennis star, makes a name for herself because of her large breasts.  Then she decides that it may be a good idea to get rid of her breastsAnother big-breasted athlete attempts to stop her but she still books a date for surgery at a hospital.  And finally, we see pictures of the young star following her surgery and everyone sheds a tear.

After thinking about what the tennis world has lost for the past week, I found myself searching through the internet to find some videos of what once was Simona’s wonderful chest.  Let’s just say that the search was a success.

The first video here is a tribute to boobs in tennis.  It opens with a clip of Simona Halep and also features other tennis stars such as Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova (pre-catfight).  Keep an eye out for the unknown Asian woman bouncing around the court.  Is Simona thought she had a problem with her breasts before, she has no clue.

The second video we found courtesy of SportsbyBrooks.  It is a nice little bit on Simona that gives us an in-depth look at “her game” (wink, wink).  Is it just me or is all that bouncing hypnotizing.

Hat Tip Video “Made In Romania” – [SportsbyBrooks]