Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, And A Bucket Of KFC…True Story

michael-jackson-magic-johnson-and-a-bucket-of-kfctrue-storyTotal Pro Sports – Yesterday, the world seemingly stopped to watch the Michael Jackson memorial.  We have seen others pay tribute to the pop legend through touchdown dances or incredibly painful to listen to songs (thanks again Ron Artest), but finally, someone in the sports world has shown their respect for MJ in front of millions without making an ass of himself.  Thank God for Colonel Sanders and his recipe for chicken.

Former and current LA Laker stars Magic Jahnson and Kobe Bryant got in front of the mic at the memorial services yesterday and spoke about their connection with MJ.  After speaking about how Jackson made him a better basketball player and a better person, Magic told a story about a diner the two had together.  I wont spoil it, but it ends with a bucket of KFC.  No joke.

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