Do We Really Need All These Capes To Dunk?

do-we-really-need-all-these-capes-to-dunkTotal Pro Sports – First it was Dwight Howard donning the cape of Superman.  Then Nate Robinson followed suit with his Krypto-nate act.  Now we have Keion Bell doing his best Batman impression.  Enough with the capes already!

This clip is from Kobe Bryant‘s Basketball Academy.  The players in attendance are putting on a dunking show for the fans and it’s Bell’s turn to make an impression.  He positions two other players in front of the rim and begins to run towards the basket, as if he is going to attempt to dunk over them both.

At the final second he peels off and the crowd gets worried.  Did he pull something or get injured?  No!  He was just going to get his stupid Batman cape.

Bell puts it on and performs the dunk.  If you ask me, he could have made it without the extra Batman-boost.

Also of note was the fact that Kobe Bryant was not one of the individuals that Bell leaped over for his dunk.  Smart move Kobe!  You don’t want to be making headlines, like LeBron, for getting dunked over by a high schooler.

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