Erin Andrews Gets Chords Pulled, Takes Ball In The Chin

erin-andrews-ball-to-chinTotal Pro Sports – New York has not been too kind to sports’ hottest sideline reporter, Erin Andrews.  First someone was tugging on her chords during a live ESPN interview.  Then she was struck in the chin by an Alex Cora foul ball in the 4th inning and taken to a nearby hospital a few innings later with a bruised chin.  The worst part of it all?  She missed this unbelievable play in the 7th inning by Daniel Murphy.

The chord tugging incident occurred prior to the game, just as Erin appeared on air.  She appears angry at first but plays it off quite well, if you ask me.  A lot better than this guy.  And besides, she does have quite the hot “angry face.”  It’s nice to see her get a little aggressive once in a while.

Later on in the night, TMZ reported that Erin was struck in the chin by a foul ball.  We hope that there was no lasting damage done to her face, and word seems to be that there isn’t.  If there was, I guess we could always resort to the Erin Andrews butt cam.

Hat Tip Video – [Deadspin]

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