Jordan Crawford Talks About His Dunk On LeBron

jordan-crawford-talks-about-his-dunk-on-lebronTotal Pro Sports – This is one video that LeBron’s camp and Nike could not stop from getting out.  Following his vicious media-censored dunk over LeBron James that has the entire sporting world in awe (even though no one has seen it), cameras caught up with Jordan Crawford to talk about play.

You can bet this is one moment that Crawford will not soon forget.  So how did he explain it?

“I was coming from the right wing, and I came down the middle and (LeBron) just happened to be there.

“When it happened, it really didn’t hit me yet.  I was geek about it more than anything, just because it’s LeBron.”

Well this certainly does not make up for what we still want to see, but at least we can now work with something and allow our imagination to do the rest.  Me personally?  I was thinking about something along the lines of this, just substitute the child with LeBron.

Here is the interview with Crawford.

Hat Tip Video – [The Big Lead]

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