New York Mets’ Daniel Murphy Makes Play of The Year


Total Pro Sports – You may have to watch this one twice to truly believe what you are seeing.  Even Joe Torre was not convinced with what had just occurred in front of his eyes, hence his seemingly endless trot out to first base umpire Marty Foster.

During last night’s game between the Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers in New York, Mark Loretta drilled a ball down the first base line.  As Mets’ first baseman Daniel Murphy went to chase it down, it bounced off the bag and into the air.  Murphy quickly changed his direction, grabbed the ball, and flipped it behind his back somehow to pitcher Bobby Parnell, who was covering at first.  It was a close play, one which could have gone to the runner, but when someone pulls of something that impressive, it’s hard not to give it to him.

The great play would not go to waste as the Mets ended up taking this one 5-4 over the Dodgers.  Hopefully Milton Bradley was watching and taking notes on how to play the field.  That was a play that not many can make.  Not even an oversized pitcher, or a ball girl, not to downplay their terrific plays with the glove.

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