Sahel Kazemi Booked For DUI Week Before McNair Murder (w/ Video)

sahel-kazemi-booked-for-dui-week-before-mcnair-murder-w-videoTotal Pro Sports – A week that concluded with Sahel Kazemi taking the life of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair, began with her being arrested for driving under the influence.  The police cruiser present at the scene caught footage of the incident, which is now circulating throughout the internet.

McNair’s mistress was stopped by an officer late at night in Nashville, Tennessee earlier this month.  After failing a roadside sobriety test, she was put in the back of the cruiser and taken to the station.  While in the car, she was given the opportunity to call a friend to pick up her vehicle.  It is anyone’s guess if that individual was McNair.

I am still left to wonder how such a video got out and why the police would release it.  Likely having nothing to do with the murder case, it seems as though it is just another piece of evidence that will be used to tarnish the reputation of a young lady whose life ended too early, and took another along with it.

Hat Tip Video – [Jersey Chaser]

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