For The First Time Since ’95, A Man Dies And The Bull Wins In Spain


Total Pro Sports – It may seem like quite the deadly adventure to think you can out run a pack of bulls charging at hundreds of running men, but that hasn’t been the case over the past decade or so.  That was until yesterday’s sad news that one man had died in Pamplona during the popular Running Of The Bulls, the first death since 1995 experienced at the event.

The fatality occurred when Jimeno Romero, a 27-year-old man from Alcala de Henares on vacation with his parents and girlfriend, was gored in the neck and lung by a rogue bull named Capuchino, who was separated from the pack.   Isolated bulls are the most dangerous ones as they often become disoriented when separated from the pack and are more likely to attack the surrounding people.  And like we have seen before, when a bull attacks, it is not a pretty sight.

The incident was described as follows:

Photographs showed Jimeno Romero lying on a stretcher moments after the goring, his face and neck stained with blood and his eyes only half-open. An emergency medical worker was leaning over him, applying what appeared to be gauze to his neck wound.

Amateur video broadcast by Spanish TV station Cuatro showed Jimeno Romero trotting backwards, facing the oncoming bull, when he trips over other runners and goes down. The Spaniard then tries to squeeze feet-first under a wooden fence serving as a protective barrier, when the bull comes up and gores him in the neck with its right horn. Jimeno Romero instantly bled profusely, lying face up as medics tried to save him. [Yahoo! News]

Nine others were injured, including one 61-year-old American, who was suffering from internal bleeding after being struck in the chest.  Doctors said he was in intensive care, but his condition was not life-threatening.

Deaths are not a common occurrence at the Spanish tradition, and yesterday’s was only the fifteenth since 1924, when they first began keeping records.

Here is a video of the fatal running explained by an eyewitness.  For more information, check out Yahoo! News here.

Man Gored to Death at Running of the Bulls

Man Gored to Death at Running of the Bulls

Bulls Horn Stuck In Mans Leg At the Running Of The Bulls

Bulls Horn Stuck In Mans Leg At the Running Of The Bulls

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