Tensions High In Mexico vs. Panama Gold Cup Match

tensions-high-in-mexico-vs-panama-gold-cup-matchTotal Pro Sports – If they didn’t have poor diplomatic relations before, the Mexican and Panamanian teams may have taken their countries down that road last night during their Gold Cup match in Houston.  Maybe Panama should consider sending over some of their cricket booty girls as a show of good faith.  It should work, as long as the Mexicans aren’t expecting these girls.

There was a bit of rough stuff throughout the game, but things really heated up around the 80th minute when Panama’s Ricardo Phillips took the ball down the sideline and received a kick from Mexican coach Javier Aguirre.  Phillips retaliated with a push and both teams got into a giant shoving match.  Aguirre was ejected by referee Joel Aguilar, and Phillips was given a red card, but that was not the end of it.

The incident sparked fans to throw beer and other objects onto the field and at Phillips as he ran off to the dressing rooms.  Fights also broke out in the stands between supporters of the two sides, and cops were forced to intervene and handcuff several individuals.

Later, in the 90th minute, Blas Perez of Panama was injured and the medical staff brought the stretcher out for him.  As he was taken off the pitch, fans continued to throw cups and beer bottles in his direction, causing Perez to fall off the stretcher.

The game was finally called five minuted later, but the Panama players were forced to remain on the field until fans could be cleared out in order to avoid having more objects thrown their way.  Below is a clip of Aguirre kicking Phillips.  As for the rowdiness of the crowd?  Well lets just say it was a little short of this.

Oh, and in case you care, the game ended 1-1.

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