Alan Belcher Has The MMA’s Worst Tattoo

Johnny Cash and Alan BelcherTotal Pro Sports – If you had the pleasure of watching UFC 100 this past weekend, then you may have noticed a little something among all the great knockouts and post-fight interviews.  The incredibly bad tattoo on the left arm of Alan Belcher.  Not even Artur Boruc should be so embarrassed.

Belcher was in the ring for the first televised fight of the night on PPV against Yoshihiro Akiyama, whom we will give the MMA’s best nickname award to for the original and creative “Sexy-yama”.  Right from the get-go, myself and some friends who were watching the fight with me noticed the odd looking figure on Belcher’s arm.  We found ourselves taking guesses at just who the tatto was of.

Kim Jong Il?  Nah.  Fat Albert?  Maybe, but who would put Fat Albert on their arm, unless they lost a bet.  Mao?  Not likely.

Then we noticed the guitar.  Hmm…

Was it Elvis?  That seemed like a very real possibility.  It was as if the tattoo completely distracted us from the fight, which was won by Akiyama even thought the crowd disagreed.  Finally, Mike Goldberg, UFC commentator, uncovered the mystery stating that the tattoo was of none other than Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash?  Are you kidding me?  Belcher may want to consider finding a new tattoo artist.  He’ll just want to make sure it’s not Chad Ocho Cinco’s.