Dan Henderson KO’s Michael Bisping With An Unreal Punch At UFC 100

Dan Henderson KO's Michael Bisping With An Unreal Punch At UFC 100

Total Pro Sports – When we left you on Friday night with our UFC 100 preview, we stated that with the great bouts set to take place it was very likely we would see “more than a fair share of exciting exchanges and great finishes.”  That was exactly what we were treated too, thanks in large part to the connection established between Dan Henderson‘s fist and Michael Bisping‘s face.

After dominating the first round, Henderson ended the fight in the second, putting Bisping out of his misery with a vicious overhand right.

Henderson earned himself an extra $100,000 Saturday night for knockout of the night, and that may not be the end of the awards he receives for the devastating blow that had Bisping knocked out cold.  His KO will likely contend with Yahir Reyes’ spinning backfist, Jose Aldo’s flying knee, or another knee thrown by Chad Leonhardt, for best of the year.  And as if that was not enough, Dan treated himself to another forearm to the face of an unconscious Bisping.

These two combatants developed quite the rivalry during Season 9 of the Ultimate Fighter, when both Henderson and Bisping were coaches of team USA and team Britain respectively.  Dan was the quiet one, but his anger towards a lippy arogant Bisping grew as the show went on and he had been waitin a long time for his opportunity to shut the Brit up.  Saturday he took advantage and did just that, leaving Bisping silent as he lay motionless for a few minutes on the octagon floor.


Dan Henderson KO's Michael Bisping With An Unreal Punch At UFC 100

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