Hot Female Fan Dives Over The Wall To Make A Catch

Baseball Babe Makes Spectacular Diving PlayTotal Pro Sports – Hot chicks at the ball game is something any male baseball fan can appreciate, but what is even better is when they start to make incredible plays, like this woman at AT&T Park yesterday.

Bringing back memories of a certain hot ball girl by the name of Kelli Curci, who snatched a foul ball and our hearts in the process, this blond bombshell showed the giant fans what it means to sacrifice the body in order to make a play. It’s a good thing she was using a baseball glove rather than a pizza box for this one.

After the pitch is hit into foul territory on the first base side of the field, a couple of fans along the side wall make a play at the souvenir, but none have the determination of this girl, who lays her body out over the wall and makes the diving play before being hauled back in by her legs.  Watching it all kind of makes you want to start up a lingerie baseball league, doesn’t it?  I think we have found our first overall pick.

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