Kobe Bryant Will Not Be Dunked On At His Camp

Kobe Bryant Will Not Be Dunked On At His CampTotal Pro Sports – We were all non-witnesses last week to the popular (but never before seen) Jordan Crawford dunk on LeBron James.  Apparently Kobe Bryant is not ready to be part of the sequel yet.

At his camp, Bryant made it clear to one youngster that he was not about to get dunked on, a la LeBron.  That is good news for his sponsors and representatives.  At least they wont need to chase down members of the media and sabatoge their tapes, leaving us all with a measly interview to relive the moment.

The whole LeBron thing has got out of hand.  My suggestion at this point would be to either uncover the footage, or better yet, set up a one-on-one game between Crawford and LeBron.  A final score settler.  They can use Twitter to issue the challange.  If they aren’t sure how to do that, just LeBron can just ask his new teammate Shaq, who is familiar with the process.

Hat Tip Video – [You Been Blinded]

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