Robbie Maddison Does A Backflip Across The Tower Bridge In London

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-13295" title="Red Bull Tower Bridge Jump" src=" I Want To Get Back With Him tower-bridge-london-300×190.jpg” alt=”Red Bull Tower Bridge Jump” width=”300″ height=”190″ />


Total Pro Sports – Early Monday morning in London, while most were likely fast asleep in their beds, Robbie Maddison found himself at the Tower Bridge.  It’s not your regular 3 o’clock hour routine, but he was preparing to do what he does best.  Jump!

That jumping is done with his dirt bike, and for this routine he was about to perform a backflip across the bridge.  It was another Red Bull extreme stunt, which has previously seen Reggie Bush fly in a Red Bull Air Racing plane, and Brian Vickers make a pit stop in the middle of New York’s Time Square.

Needless to say, the jump was a success.  Maddison’s take off and landing were as smooth as can be.  No broken arms.  No last second saves needed.


I Want To Get Back With Him

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