A Tribute To A Fallen Warrior: Top 5 Arturo Gatti Fights

Arturo Gatti

Total Pro Sports – On Saturday, the boxing world was shocked by the news that Arturo Gatti had died during a vacation in Brazil.  It has since been reported that his wife, Amanda Rodrigues, strangled the boxing star with a purse strap.  While media outlets continue to sort out the incident, we here at TPS have decided to honor the life and boxing career of Gatti, rather than entertain ourselves and our readers with the particulars of his death.

What better way to honor what many may describe as the most entertaining boxer ever (In the ring rather out like Floyd Mayweather) than by looking back at what we believe to be his five greatest fights of all time (whether won or lost).  Here they are:

5.  Gatti vs Micky Ward II – The Gatti vs Ward trilogy is one of the greatest spectacles boxing had ever witnessed, and what better way to begin this countdown.  This battle, their second, took place in November of 2002 and Gatti clearly beat Ward in the ten rounds, taking the fight by unanimous decision.  It was the dullest of their three encounters, but still had enough flare to bring the crowd to their feet.

4.  Gatti vs Gabriel Ruelas – This 1997 bout was the first of four times that Gatti would earn an award for “Fight of the Year” by Ring Magazine. After almost seeing the fight end in a loss after taking a vicious uppercut during the fourth round, Gatti bounced back and ended the bout in the fifth by knocking out Ruelas.

3.  Gatti vs Ivan Robinson – Gatti had a rough year in ’98, but his fight against Ivan Robinson would earn him a second straight “Fight of the Year” award.  Moving up to the lightweight division, Gati was able to knock Robinson down in the fourth, but that was not enough as he lost the 10-round decision.  In addition to “Fight of the Year,” the fight was also named “Upset of the Year” by Ring Magazine.

2.  Gatti vs Micky Ward III – The second best fight of the trilogy, Gatti vs Ward III was the final time Arturo would be be involved in a “Fight of the Year.”  It was the rubber match between the two, but after breaking his right hand in the fourth and getting knocked down at the end of the sixth, Gatti would get things together and hold off a resilient Ward for the unanimous decision.

1.  Gatti vs Micky Ward I – This was not only the best fight of both Gatti and Ward’s careers, but it is what many would consider to be the best fight of all time.  These two were warriors, much like each other in style and heart, and that made for a great fight.  Round nine may be one of the greatest rounds of boxing ever witnessed and that was enough to earn another “Fight of the Year” for Gatti.  It was also the only bout he would lose in the trilogy, going down by majority decision.

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