Coked-Out Stripper Kissing Richard Gasquet Cleared For Tennis Return

richard-gasquetTotal Pro Sports – The man with what we will go on record as stating to be “the lamest excuse ever for a positive drug test,” has been cleared by the International Tennis Federation to return to the men’s tour.  Richard Gasquet will likely want to think about who his lips touch during the remainder of his tennis career.

Gasquet, 23, was suspended in May for 2 months and 15 days after testing positive for cocaine at the Miami Masters in March.  Ranked 32nd in the world, his suspension ended today.

When asked how cocaine got into his system, Gasquet told the tribunal that it occurred after he kissed a woman named “Pamela” at a nightclub.  The BBC described the scenario as follows:

Gasquet told the tribunal that he kissed a woman, identified in the ruling only as “Pamela”, and suggested that was how the cocaine entered his system.

The tribunal stated, “this explanation is more likely than not to be the correct one”, and said that it “found the player to be a truthful and honest witness, and a man of integrity”.

It added that the quantity of cocaine detected in Gasquet’s sample was “very small, about the size of a grain of salt”. [BBC Sport]

Whether or not this story is true is anyone’s guess, but it sure sounds like quite the stretch.  Why can’t Michael Phelps get off the hook with a story like this.  Maybe those strippers he hangs around forced him to put the bong on his mouth.

In the mean time, Gasquet may want to look for some cleaner ladies when out on the town.  Maybe he should try the Madrid Masters ball girls for starters.

Hat Tip – [BBC Sport] via [DeadSpin]

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