Gina Carano Has A Sex Tape, But You Wont Get To See It…Yet

gina-caranoTotal Pro Sports – She is the hottest female in MMA, and now we have reason to believe that there may be a sex tape of Gina Carano in existence, and this video is not it.  The only problem is that Kit Cope is in possession of it and we can’t be sure he will ever award us with the pleasure of watching it.

In an interview with MMAJunkie Radio, Cope, who was once engaged to Carano, stated that a tape does exist.  When asked if there is a tape out there of him and the female MMA star, Kit stated the following:

“There is media that is in a very safe place.  Make sure you Twitter.  You never know.  Kit Cope MMA. Oh, She’s so worried about that too.”

Unfortunately, Gina did not include her first time on video in her interview with Maxim, where she discussed other “first times.”

Kit also mentions some other interesting facts about Gina, including her “phenomenal” boobs, which judging by his response are likely fake.  He also speaks about how he believes that Carano is in trouble for her bout against Cris “Cyborg” Santos if she doesn’t “get her head right.”  If Kit is in fact correct about this one, Carano may end up like this reporter, Cyborg’s last victim.

So now we can only sit and wait for the video to be released.  Until then, I guess we will have to settle for Chyna‘s sex tape.  Okay, maybe not.

Here is the interview with Kit Cope.

Hat Tip Video – [CageWriter]

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