Las Vegas Casino Debt Leads To Warrant For Antoine Walker’s Arrest

Antoine Walker arrestedTotal Pro Sports – Would you believe that another sports star owes Las Vegas Casino’s huge money for multiple gambling debt’s?  Making headlines this time is former NBA star Anotine Walker who reportedly lost a total of $822,500 at 3 different casinos, including Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, and the Red Rock Resort.  A warrant has now been issued and signed out of Las Vegas for the arrest of  Walker.  Maybe professional poker player Phil Ivey can lend him some money.

Walker is accused of three felony counts of writing bad checks. County prosecutors say he failed to make good on 10 checks totaling $1 million written to the three casinos.

We don’t understand why people like Antoine Walker would gamble away all that hard earned money?  When is it enough for some of these guys?  Anotine Walker earned millions playing 12 years in the NBA so he doesn’t need to gamble to make more money.  Maybe someone should let him know that the casinos always have the advantage when you’re playing casino games.

Just a little tip for Antoine Walker next time he is in Vegas…..”Maybe you should just go out and make it rain at the night clubs like Reggie Bush and Marcus Spears do. Your chances of getting into trouble and making headlines for the wrong reason are probably less likely.

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