MMA Fighter Suffers Terrible Broken Leg

MMA Fighter Suffers Terrible Broken Leg

Total Pro Sports – There may be no worse way to lose an MMA fight than by beating yourself.  There are not many ways a fighter can do that, but one way is by breaking your own leg.  That was exactly what happened to this dude, bringing back memories of Oupa Ngulube‘s leg break during a soccer match.

What at first seems like a harmless leg kick turned into what is likely the most excruciating injury this fighter has ever sustained during his career.  It is so bad that even his opponent couldn’t stand to look.  You know the usual celebration that ensues following a victory?  Well there was none of that here.  Instead, the winner looked away in disgust and called for medics to get out there and help his fallen opponent.

We are used to bringing you some of MMA’s highlight reel ending, like Dan Henderson‘s KO of Michael Bisping, Jose Aldo‘s flying knee, or Yahir Reyes‘ spinning backfist, but the unfortunate part of the sport is that not all fights end in such glory (that is glory for the winner, but a painful headache for the loser).

In the end, some fighters just can’t get a break, and others seem to get too many.  We’ll chalk this one up under the latter.

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