10 Games To Watch On The 2009-10 NHL Schedule

nhl-2009-10-scheduleTotal Pro Sports – With the NHL releasing its much anticipated schedule for the 2009-10 season, there are several intriguing dates that all you hockey-crazed fans should begin marking down on your calendar.  Need some help?  TPS is here to provide you with some by listing the ten games schedules for next season that you wont want to miss.

10.  Montreal Canadiens @ Toronto Maple Leafs, Oct. 1 – What better way to kick off the new season than with an old rivalry.  It should be interesting to see how these two newly revamped rosters will click in opening night.

9.  Pittsburgh Penguins @ New York Islanders, Oct. 3 – This will mark the first time we see the 2009 first overall pick in action and John Tavares will have his plate full early as he faces Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

8.  Carolina Hurricanes @ Boston Bruins, Oct. 3 – Another one for October 3rd, but what makes this matchup so exciting is what happened between the two clubs during last year’s playoffs.  Scott Walker delivered what many believe to be a sucker punch to the face of Aaron Ward.  Now several Bruins want revenge.  They told Walker during handshakes that they would get it during next season.  We will find out if they were telling the truth early.

7.  Florida Panthers vs. Chicago Blackhawks @ Helsinki, Finland, Oct. 2 – The first of two overseas matchups, this one has the up-and-coming Blackhawks looking to improve on last seasons success.  They will take on the Panthers.  the Panthers?  Couldn’t they find a better team to send to the people of Finland?

6.  Detroit Red Wings vs. St. Louis Blues @ Stockholm, Sweden, Oct. 2 – The second overseas battle sees two division rivals square off.  The Blues should continue to improve this year, but the Swedes will be cheering for a Red Wings roster that boasts several hometown heros.

5.  Washington Capitals @ Pittsburgh Penguins, Jan. 21 – The NHL decided to make its fans wait to see Alex Ovechkin get a shot at redemption against Crosby and the Penguins following their second round loss in the playoffs.  Their seven game series was the best of the 2009 post-season and hopefully 2010 brings much of the same.

4.  Chicago Blackhawks @ Detroit Red Wings, Oct. 8 – Both teams will be coming off their long European road trips, but this matchup is an interesting one because of Marian Hossa.  Pittsburgh fans were not kind after he left them for Detroit last season.  Now we will see how Wings fans feel about his departure.

3.  New York Rangers @ Pittsburgh Penguins, Oct. 2 – A game to watch not so much for what happens between the first and last whistle, but more so for what happens prior to the puck being dropped.  The Penguins will raise the 2008-09 Stanley Cup banner in front of their fans and begin their run for another one.

2.  Detroit Red Wings @ Pittsburgh Penguins, Jan. 31 – After seeing each other seven times in the finals, the NHL decided to wait until giving the fans another classic Wings vs Pens game.  When they do face off one month into the new year, expect the same tension and bitterness that has developed over the past two seasons to be present.  Luckily no one will be expected to shake hands after this one.

1.  Philadelphia Flyers @ Boston Bruins (at Fenway Park), Jan. 1 – The 2010 edition of the Winter Classic will see Chris Pronger in his new Flyers uniform visiting the Bruins with Fenway’s green monster in the background.  Should be a great game as the NHL continues the tradition.

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