Amanda Rodrigues Claims Innocence To Gatti’s Murder

a1b5e46d-711f-4e1a-959e-2640ad455505Total Pro Sports –  Sitting in her jail cell in the Brazilian city of Recife, Amanda Rodrigues took a red pen, a lined piece of paper, and began writing.  She has declined interviews from her cell, but did have a message she wanted to be heard.  A letter was written and turned over to the Associated Press, delivering that message:

“This is a pain that has become inexplicable and intolerable, this loss and this malicious accusation,” Rodrigues wrote. “I lost my husband!”

“I’m innocent and I know that this will be proven in a few days,” Rodrigues wrote.

“The people most important to my life, who know us, know the size of our love.  What hurts me is knowing the suffering of my family and friends. What hurts me is to know that my husband will not be in my house waiting for my return.” [Press of Atlantic City]

This was Amanda’s plea of innocence, one that no one seems to believe.  She was detained after her husband, Arturo Gatti, was found in the couples apartment in Porto de Galinhas, which they rented for their second honeymoon.  The 23-year-old told investigators that she woke up at 6am Saturday morning to find her husband dead.

At the moment, investigators believe that Rodrigues is the only suspect in the case and are quite confident that she is in fact guilty of murdering the former boxing champ.  Also present in the apartment was their 10-month-old son, who was unharmed.

Gatti was heavily intoxicated and it is believed that the murder may have been premeditated.  Investigators say that she may have encouraged Gatti to drink such large amounts so that she could overpower his incapacitated body.

Gatti’s body is being flown back to Montreal and the funeral is set for Monday.  Whether any more detail will be available by then remains to be seen.

Hat Tip – [Press of Atlantic City]

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